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Thomas Tang

Thomas Tang’s music journey started when he was just a kid watching Rap City during their final run on TV. Captivated by the wordplay, videos and freestyles, he fell in love with music. He became addicted to the freedom that music allotted those he idolized.

For a while sports supplemented that love, or rather became a lustful alternative to the freedom he was seeking at the time. His life was a simple yet common one. Follow in the footsteps of those before him that were successful in his family. Do this by keeping his grades high, his opinions low and join the Air Force when the time comes.

Lucky for him, fate intervened. At 16 years old Thomas started rapping and doing speech in school. Two instrumental aspects of his life that led him here today. As he discovered the intricacies of literature and vocalizing them in front of an audience, his passion for putting words together grew. He moved out of his home soon after only to taste freedom for the first time. Rapping started overtaking his spirit and pushing his confidence to the forefront of life itself.

Yet, Thomas still found his way to the Air Force Academy. Everyone was proud of the man he was becoming. That is everyone but Thomas himself. He felt trapped under those impressions of a successful life. Weighed down by their expectations, He turned back to music to escape from those pressures. This time writing notebooks of lyrics and fine-tuning his flow. It was a means of solace for him. That freedom seeped in again with every rhyme written. He wrote everyday and cut hair on the side. And with that conviction steady, his grades started slipping. He also got in trouble early on which left him in limbo with the school’s administration. Thomas persevered and made it through the next semester with high marks and everyone’s faith re-instilled in him, everyone’s but his.

Classes were a painful reminder of the conformity that followed after college. He yearned to be his own man at a young age, so after that first year he never went back and stayed in Harvey, IL. His whole family loathed that decision and warned him of failure that comes from chasing dreams. But all he could see is space and opportunity. He linked up with Moebanz who was also rapping and found it fitting to have Thomas along side of a team he was building from scratch. This would be the start of Taliban and the beginning of Thomas’ many quest. When asked where he’s headed his response, “it’s in the music, I promise it’s in the music.



Purple Elephant EP Coming Soon

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