LaQuan Collier, known professionally as MoeBanz, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. A current Atlanta transplant who was born and raised in Chicago, IL,  MoeBanz started his music journey after being released from lock-up. The streets was all he knew at the time, but his imagination was captured by an artist that made it from around his way. That artist found freedom from the system that trapped most young black men in his own neighborhood. Time in a box also brought MoeBanz to the realization that there’s a world out there with many avenues, not just the blocks he’s known. That’s a world of freedom he was willing to invest in.

Invest he did, but only because his momma invested in him early and often. MoeBanz was  “spoiled” by his mom as she attempted to elevate her son from a young age. Being raised by a single mother in the hood usually creates a dark situation for black boys, but she made him feel like royalty. Giving him a light in the darkness the streets produced. 

Especially in his neighborhood. MoeBanz always wanted to be a rapper or athlete cause he saw the shine and had a natural attraction to the finer things. The culture around him was street, athletes and rappers represented the pinnacle of success for his kind. It was only natural he was drawn to both. His disdain for authoritative figures, and people telling him what to do, led him through that box only to release him to the freedom he’s found today. The boss he is today.

It also taught him a valuable lesson on authenticity. MoeBanz music serves as a direct reflection from growing up in the Auburn Gresham community of Chicago. Where it was necessary that your talk matched your walk because the hood served as a metal detector. Especially with studio gangsters serving up fools gold. Sosa and Herb became the street legends that MoeBanz looked to for inspiration on his plight. Young dread heads getting money through rap while telling their real life stories became the foundation of his artistry and the pillars for his success. 

Trying to distinguish his sound is complicated. Essence of Lil Wayne, Future and 50 Cent shine through. MoeBanz found a way to marry the wordplay stylings of Weezy, the free range and approach of Future and the grittiness of a young 50 to cultivate a sound unlike anything else. Not afraid to color outside the lines with his lyrics and approach to beats, MoeBanz uses a combination of melodies, rhyme schemes and story telling to tailor music that only fits his life and style.

Street hustle pours out in his music, but also in his business. Music is only part of his agenda as he’s been branding his music imprint TALIBAN since his inception as a rapper. Ambitions of becoming a successful rapper hails in comparison to his desire to operator his own successful label and become a music mogul in the process. “The streets taught me how to hustle. I feel like it’s all my playground. No grinds off limits for me.” -MoeBanz


Herban Legend: The Story of Contrabanz

Moevember 2

Perfect (Single)


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